Guill Improves Upon The Bullet Extrusion Head

Guill Improves Upon The Bullet Extrusion Head

The Bullet extrusion head is back, this time with a brand new cam lock deflector retaining system. This innovation reduces downtime and lowers costs. For more information on The Bullet click here and for the full release on the cam lock deflector retaining system click here.

Guill Tool Proudly Presents The Bullet™

Our Revolutionary Extrusion Tooling Our newest line of extrusion tooling, the Bullet™ was designed specifically by our engineers to expedite the production process and help our customers turn a higher profit. Featuring a multi-port spiral flow and fixed center design, the Bullet™ has adequate room for gum space adjustment. However the most advanced feature is […]

Blow Molding Processing Series – ISO 9001

Extrusion Blow Molding has a long and rich history. At Guill, innovation is not just about creating solutions for new industries.  Guill brings innovation to established industries as well.  Guill’s Balanced Flow and FeatherTouch™ die adjustment designs are state of the art technologies that bring Extrusion Blow Molding advancements to the Blow Molding business.  By […]

Strand Pelletizing Processing Series – ISO 9001

Are you looking to increase your company’s pelletizing production? Guill’s single or twin screw strand pelletizing tooling can help you. Guill utilizes a balanced flow design that is proven to boost production capacity.  Our pelletizing equipment readily adapts to your existing extrusion equipment, so increasing production doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Guill can bring state-of-the […]

Automotive Series Extrusion Tooling ISO 9001

Guill utilizes state-of-the-art 3D CAD, CFD and FEA software to design a broad spectrum of tooling. For high speed or high volume applications to ultra low volume that minimizes polymer residence time in the extrusion chamber, Guill has a host of benefits to serve every special application. With Guill you select the best features and […]

Guill 900 Inline Dies SPR Series For Advanced Medical Applications

Guill Tool & Engineering Co. 900SPR Series of in-line tubing dies are engineered to meet the exacting precision requirements of close tolerances in medical equipment applications. The 900SPR Series, designed with an adjustable center inline die, ensures excellent precision for close tolerance walls – as thin as .0002″ (.000508cm) – in such applications as multi-layer, […]

Technology Extrudes Rubber and Plastics — Same Time, Same Tooling

Designed for advanced rubber and plastic applications extruded simultaneously and in the same tooling, the Syncroflow™ Series is now available exclusively from Guill Tool, West Warwick, RI, USA. The plastics can be run on the inside or the outside layer because the Syncroflow tooling is designed with a barrier that insulates and separates the extruded […]

New Guill Extrusion Three-Layer Technology Accelerates Drip-Irrigation Performance

Controls Precision Water and Fertilizer Use – Protects The Environment Guill Tool & Engineering is dramatically changing the agricultural and horticultural landscape with their new advanced tooling that utilizes three layers to produce the necessary tubing for efficient and environmentally safe drip irrigation. How It Works The head/die engineering utilizes a spiral flow that handles […]

Doubled-Headed Tooling System Expands Extrusion Output by 40%-50% vs. Single-Head Systems

 DualFlo™ System Yields Bottom-Line Capital, Labor and Material Savings; Can Be Adapted By Virtually Any Extruder West Warwick, RI – A new two-headed extrusion tooling system from Guill Tool & Engineering Co. is 40%-50% more productive in manufacturing rubber or silicone end products than conventional single-head systems. Guill’s new DualFlo™ system employs two identical heads […]

Guill Series 100 Offers Multi-Strand Extrusion Capabilities From a Single Extruder, with Highly Precise Material Blending

Ideal for Electronic, Medical, OEMs, Wire & Cable and Compounding Applications Guill announces the new modular, multiple-output die system that ensures precision control for extrusion of jacketing and tubing in a wide range of product variations, while utilizing just one extruder. The new Series 100 system, designed and manufactured by Guill, can produce 8, 16, […]