Blow Molding Processing Series – ISO 9001

Extrusion Blow Molding has a long and rich history. At Guill, innovation is not just about creating solutions for new industries.  Guill brings innovation to established industries as well.  Guill’s Balanced Flow and FeatherTouch™ die adjustment designs are state of the art technologies that bring Extrusion Blow Molding BlowMolding-1advancements to the Blow Molding business.  By controlling concentricity and dimensional tolerances of the parison, Guill’s Blow Molding extrusion tooling can increase the quality and consistency of your product, decrease waste and increase throughput.

Call your Guill representative about their 1000 Series Blow Molding extrusion crossheads.  A representative will help you configure your Guill blow molding tooling, incorporating these revolutionary extrusion die designs and technologies.  Make sure your Blow Molding products are the best quality and your line is running at full efficiency.

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