Highlights from Guill’s 2015 Annual Recap

2015 was an eventful year here at Guill. Listed below are highlights of our annual recap that we are most proud of.

New Products of 2015

  • The Bullet Extrusion Head
  • Series 824 Co-Extrusion Crosshead
  • Series 725 Co Extrusion Crosshead
  • The Bullet II Extrusion Head with Cam Lock

Products Recognized by Wire & Cable Technology International as Top Products of 2015

  1. Guill’s Bullet Extrusion Head
  2. Unique Concentricity Adjustment Technology

Trade Shows Attended by Guill

  • International Cable Connectivity Symposium
  • Extrusion 2015
  • BioMEDevice Boston
  • UBM West
  • Rubber Expo
  • International Elastomer Conference
  • MDM East
  • Interwire 2015
  • NPE2015

Presentations Given by Guill Employees

  1. “Current Design Trends in Multi-Layer Tubing and Jacketing Dies” by Dennis Finn at the Extrusion 2015 Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina

For a more in depth overview click here to read all about Guill’s achievements in 2015.


IEN Features Guill in April Print Issue

ien web site

Industrial Equipment News produces a unified category system, both in print and online, of industrial products with superior search capability as well as multiple staff written blogs. The blogs cover a variety of topics and we highly recommend you check them out!

IEN has been publishing our press releases in their print edition since February. They recently featured an article “New Extrusion Head for Quick-Change Tooling” on our Bullet II model on page 38 of their April print issue. The Bullet II is further discussed on the IEN website. Read that article here.

Their site also features an article on Guill’s new rotary inline or cross-head dies.

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Guill Tool at UBM Boston 2016

UBM Boston is New England’s largest gathering of Medical, Manufacturing, Electronics, and Plastics engineers, product developers, designers, and executives. Guill had the pleasure of displaying a booth at UBM Boston this year. Over the course of the two days the conference takes place on (this year it was April 13th and 14th) it was a pleasure to see the people who had gathered and the innovations they each brought to the table.

Here are some pictures taken from our Twitter throughout the event. Follow us there for more up to date news and coverage from similar events.


UBM Boston 2016, Guill Tool’s booth


Another view of our booth at UBM Boston

Hope to see you all next year at UBM Boston 2017!

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Guill’s 725 Series Featured in Wire & Cable Technology Internationals January/February 2016 Issue

Our Series 725 Co-Extrusion Crosshead was recognized by the editors at Wire & Cable Technology International in the January/February 2016 issue as state-of-the-art in extrusion equipment and technology. Wire & Cable Technology International is an international technical magazine for manufacturers, processors, distributors and users of all types of electrical, communication and mechanical wire and cable including fiber optic cable.

For more information on our Series 725 read our news release at guill.com or read the January/February 2016 Wire & Cable Technology International here. We are featured on page 70!

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Guill Tool at MD&M West 2016

Guill had the pleasure of running a booth at this years Medical Design & Manufacturing West at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. The Guill booth featured extrusion tooling to build both multi-lumen and multi-layer medical tubing as well as the Bullet II.

This convention showcases the most up to date, cutting edge technology and its medical uses. We really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the press, colleagues, and other interested individuals.

For more coverage of events we attend follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

MD&M West booth

Here’s our sales manager, Bill Conley at the Guill booth at MD&M West.


Part of the display at MD&M West.

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Guill Improves Upon The Bullet Extrusion Head

The Bullet extrusion head is back, this time with a brand new cam lock deflector retaining system. This innovation reduces downtime and lowers costs.

The Bullet II

Picture of the Bullet II taken by Paul Dvorak at UBM West.

For more information on The Bullet click here and for the full release on the cam lock deflector retaining system click here.

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Guill Tool Featured In Wire & Cable Technology International’s Top Products of 2015

Guill Tool is proud to announce the selection of two of its recent products as Top Products of the Year by Wire & Cable Technology International. In its January/February 2016 issue, the internationally circulated technical news magazine distinguished the Bullet and Unique Concentricity Adjustment Technology among the wire and cable industry’s best innovations of the past year.

For more information on this award and a link to the article itself click here.

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Rotary Guill Presents Extrusion Dies With 2X Increase in Speed

guill_rotary_prphotoGuill Tool announces a new design for its high production rotary models, both inline and crosshead style that features a 2X increase in speed, with models running to 1000 RPM depending on the application.

Features offered on these new rotating extrusion dies include counter-rotating tip & die, co-rotating tip & die, rotating die with conventional tip, rotating tip with conventional die, crosshead or inline, multi-layer, striping, certain profiles and optional quick-change cartridges that minimize cleaning downtime.

Guill Tool offers its new high-speed rotary models as turnkey packages, complete with die cart, tools and all accessories for installation and maintenance.

For more information on applications and specs please view the full release here on our main site.


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Guill’s Series 824 Offers a New Co-Extrusion Crosshead


In December of 2015 Guill Tool debuted Series 824, a co-extrusion crosshead designed for irrigation tubing with an emitter tool. This new stainless steel crosshead features balanced flow design with spiral technology that improves flow characteristics at all extruder speeds. Dual feed ports provide concentric compound flow, while the splits flow from one extruder to feed the inside and outside layers via a manifold assembly. Series 824 is adaptable to all popular extruders currently on the market. Quick-change tooling and a toolkit for disassembly and re-assembly are provided with the unit.  

Bill Conley, sales manager for Guill, comments, “On this project, the customer challenged us with an application that required precise placement and bonding of preformed emitters within the extruded tubing without melting them in the crosshead.”   

For more information view our news post on Series 824 at Guill.com here.


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Guill’s Series 725 Offers a New Co-Extrusion Crosshead


This past November Guill Tool introduced Series 725, a co-extrusion crosshead design for tray cable applications in low-volume, adjustable center work on PVC over PVC. This series was developed by Guill Engineering and a customer, to convert a production line from a Tandem line with two heads a distance apart into a co-extrusion line with a single head applying both layers of PVC in a single operation. The efficiency and improved profit potential from such a configuration is substantial.

Additional features of this new crosshead include multi-port spiral flow, easy disassembly and restart, positive seals for leak elimination, adaptable to all extruder brands, maximum thru-core of 1.750″ and maximum die ID of 2.000″, a fixed first layer and second adjustable layer, the patented Guill Feather Touch concentricity adjustment, vacuum port and the ability to accept two extruders from the same side via the heated manifold assembly.

Like all our products, Series 725 comes with a tool kit and detailed operator’s instruction manual.
Read the full press release here.

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