Guill Tool at UBM Boston 2016

Guill Tool at UBM Boston 2016

UBM Boston is New England’s largest gathering of Medical, Manufacturing, Electronics, and Plastics engineers, product developers, designers, and executives. Guill had the pleasure of displaying a booth at UBM Boston this year. Over the course of the two days the conference takes place on (this year it was April 13th and 14th) it was a […]

Guill’s Series 824 Offers a New Co-Extrusion Crosshead

In December of 2015 Guill Tool debuted Series 824, a co-extrusion crosshead designed for irrigation tubing with an emitter tool. This new stainless steel crosshead features balanced flow design with spiral technology that improves flow characteristics at all extruder speeds. Dual feed ports provide concentric compound flow, while the splits flow from one extruder to […]

Guill’s Series 725 Offers a New Co-Extrusion Crosshead

This past November Guill Tool introduced Series 725, a co-extrusion crosshead design for tray cable applications in low-volume, adjustable center work on PVC over PVC. This series was developed by Guill Engineering and a customer, to convert a production line from a Tandem line with two heads a distance apart into a co-extrusion line with […]

Food and Pharmaceutical Processing Series – ISO 9001

Guill’s growing line of advanced Food & Pharmaceutical processing extrusion tooling uses the latest in engineering advancements. Guill’s 3D CAD, CFD, AND FEA software is state-of-the-art for diagnosing flow characteristics and creating the most efficient extrusion tooling on the market. This software allows Guill to design products across the spectrum of both high and low […]

Guill 900 Inline Dies SPR Series For Advanced Medical Applications

Guill Tool & Engineering Co. 900SPR Series of in-line tubing dies are engineered to meet the exacting precision requirements of close tolerances in medical equipment applications. The 900SPR Series, designed with an adjustable center inline die, ensures excellent precision for close tolerance walls – as thin as .0002″ (.000508cm) – in such applications as multi-layer, […]

Doubled-Headed Tooling System Expands Extrusion Output by 40%-50% vs. Single-Head Systems

 DualFlo™ System Yields Bottom-Line Capital, Labor and Material Savings; Can Be Adapted By Virtually Any Extruder West Warwick, RI – A new two-headed extrusion tooling system from Guill Tool & Engineering Co. is 40%-50% more productive in manufacturing rubber or silicone end products than conventional single-head systems. Guill’s new DualFlo™ system employs two identical heads […]

Die Extrusion Technology for Medical Tubing Applications

Patent-pending process would allow 1000-plus layers from a single extruder Although the concept of nanotechnology (controlling matter on an atomic scale) dates back to 1959, it is only now becoming more commercially realized. It has the potential to challenge the way all products are extruded in almost every type of medical tubular or related industrial […]

Medical Series Extrusion Tooling ISO 9001

Guill utilizes state-of-the-art 3D CAD, CFD and FEA software to design a broad spectrum of tooling. For high speed or high volume applications to ultra low volume that minimizes polymer residence time in the extrusion chamber, Guill has a host of benefits to serve every special application. With Guill you select the best features and […]

700 Series Guill Tool Crosshead Redesigned To Hold Close Wall Tolerances, Adaptable to all Types of Tooling

The 700 Series from Guill Tool, an adjustable center crosshead with proprietary precision engineering that holds close tolerance walls for those specialized applications including; electronic, medical tubing, rubber and plastics, wire and cable, and other advanced types of high technology precision products. “Since its inception in 1962, Guill Tool and Engineering has maintained a commitment […]

New Patent-Pending MicroAdjust™ Now Available On Guill Medical Tooling Series

Guill’s extrusion tooling for medical/OEM manufacturers now has new benefits with Guill’s latest MicroAdjust technology. The patent-pending MicroAdjust mechanism can be added to the Series 712 and 812 upon request. The unique patent-pending MicroAdjust mechanism assists users in substantially reducing any operator error that may occur when adjusting bolts for the die when extruding extremely […]