Guill 900 Inline Dies SPR Series For Advanced Medical Applications

Guill Tool & Engineering Co. 900SPR Series of in-line tubing dies are engineered to meet the exacting precision requirements of close tolerances in medical equipment applications.

The 900SPR Series, designed with an adjustable center inline die, ensures excellent precision for close tolerance walls – as thin as .0002″ (.000508cm) – in such applications as multi-layer, multi-lumen, encapsulated stripe(s) and catheter tubing.

The O. D. range of the 900SPR Series is .005″ – .375″ (.0127cm –.9525cm). This inline tubing die is adaptable to all extruders and is compatible with most styles and brands of tooling on the market today. Guill’s proprietary quick-change tooling feature can be added to many other tooling styles and brands.

Also, the 900SPR Series houses an adjustment mode that has been significantly improved, with a new FeatherTouch™ concentricity adjustment option.

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