Technology Extrudes Rubber and Plastics — Same Time, Same Tooling

Designed for advanced rubber and plastic applications extruded simultaneously and in the same tooling, the Syncroflow™ Series is now available exclusively from Guill Tool, West Warwick, RI, USA.

The plastics can be run on the inside or the outside layer because the Syncroflow tooling is designed with a barrier that insulates and separates the extruded materials from each other. This extra layer facilitates the processing of two (2) materials within a wide range of processing temperatures.

With a fully adjustable design, Syncroflow allows for separate concentricity and gum space adjustment on each of both layers. Manufactured with 420 stainless steel, the SyncroFlow design has a proven outstanding flow pattern for low volume extrusion, and all the components are designed to hold tight/close tolerances. The new Syncroflow Series is available in standard sizes from 1/8” to 6” in diameter.

Saving time and money makes the Syncroflow technology invaluable in producing advanced products in today’s tough economic climate.

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