New Guill Extrusion Three-Layer Technology Accelerates Drip-Irrigation Performance

Controls Precision Water and Fertilizer Use – Protects The Environment

Guill Tool & Engineering is dramatically changing the agricultural and horticultural landscape with their new advanced tooling that utilizes three layers to produce the necessary tubing for efficient and environmentally safe drip irrigation.

How It Works
The head/die engineering utilizes a spiral flow that handles three layers. Prior to this advancement, only two layers were common. One of the key benefits of this tooling is that it allows an inexpensive regrind polymer, or most any type of polymer, to be the bulk of the material inside the tube, hose or pipe.

The new drip irrigation crosshead/die is designed to produce a tube that uses an ABA, ABC or virtually any type of three-layer construction. In this application, the inner layer is composed of a majority of a less expensive regrind material (or any polymer desired) and is typically surrounded by a very thin layer of virgin polymer, often times only 1/1000th (.0001) of an inch (.00254 mm) or less.

With Guill’s patented flow design, the walls of the tubing require less polymer material to achieve the desired or mandated tube-burst strength requirements, saving money for the drip-irrigation user.

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