Guill Tool Proudly Presents The Bullet™

Our Revolutionary Extrusion Tooling


Our newest line of extrusion tooling, the Bullet™ was designed specifically by our engineers to expedite the production process and help our customers turn a higher profit. Featuring a multi-port spiral flow and fixed center design, the Bullet™ has adequate room for gum space adjustment. However the most advanced feature is the lack of fastening hardware.

Before this innovation, cleaning and maintaining the intricacies of crossheads was an arduous and time consuming process. In the past, the fastening hardware added to this process and also made restarting the extruder more complex. With our new Bullet™ design this is no longer the case. By eliminating the fastening hardware there are fewer steps and less down time resulting in the more efficient operation of your extrusion line.  

Additionally the lack of fastening hardware makes our extrusion head less likely to leak than conventional heads currently on the market. We strongly believe that our design places us at the forefront of extrusion technology and will help you to produce more with less downtime and greater profitability.

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