Guill Series 100 Offers Multi-Strand Extrusion Capabilities From a Single Extruder, with Highly Precise Material Blending

Ideal for Electronic, Medical, OEMs, Wire & Cable and Compounding Applications

Guill announces the new modular, multiple-output die system that ensures precision control for extrusion of jacketing and tubing in a wide range of product variations, while utilizing just one extruder.

The new Series 100 system, designed and manufactured by Guill, can produce 8, 16, 32 or 64 products from a single extruder. This system can also be configured to co-extrude up to three layers as well as single or multiple stripes. The Series 100 is engineered for compounding, coating of wire or thread, small tubes or small profiles. Major applications in addition to compounding include: electronic, medical, OEMs and wire & cable.

The Series 100 system has the additional capability to produce low-volume output and to easily adapt to quick-change tooling. To increase or reduce overall output, a shut-off valve is simply turned on or off.

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