Continuous Vulcanization Extrusion Tooling

The new Series CV 500 tooling from Guill Tool & Engineering Inc. combines elements of its modular design from Guill’s 800 medical series as well as its highly successful polymer/rubber extrusion heads. This technology offers many key benefits to wire and cable and other industrial users, including a higher degree of accuracy to meet the latest stringent wire and cable technology demands.

Flow Analysis

The rigorous flow testing and analysis enables the production of more difficult polymer/rubber applications with a high level of product consistency throughout, resulting in adherence to the precise tolerances and thinner walls required in these applications.

Even Heat Equals Better Flow

Balanced temperature control for better flow is made possible by an integrated water cooling system. With the cooling system, the appropriate processing temperature for the rubber in the crosshead is maintained.

Multilayer Extrusion Capability

Unlike tandem extrusion, multilayer extrusion prevents contamination and ensures greater adhesion.

The CV 500 Series is available in custom sizes, but our most popular size specifications include a core diameter of 0.437” to 5.500” with a maximum die of .0500” to 6.000”.

For more information, read the complete article on our website at, or download the pdf from Wire & Cable Technology International that describes the product in further detail.

The new CV 500 Series offers the modular design of the 800 medical series as well as the successful polymer/rubber heads for the highest accruing, improved temperature control, decreased material volume for ultra-precision, plus easier and faster adjustment and cleaning processes of the crosshead and tooling available from Guill Tool.

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