New Six-Layer Tooling State-Of-The-Art Design for OEMs/Tube Makers 
Meets Peak Auto Performance with Superb Environmental Protection

Today, with less than a handful of extrusion tooling manufacturers in the world able to engineer and market a six-layer head/die, Guill stands at the forefront of an exciting new breakthrough in money-saving extrusion technology.

Extrusion tubing manufacturers/OEMs that serve automotive applications are welcoming a new and unique six-layer head/die from Guill Tool & Engineering Co. This technology offers a host of benefits that include a lower cost for a single six-layer system as compared to purchasing two three-layer systems or three two-layer systems that perform precisely the same function.

Other benefits of the new six-layer Series 800 include the ability to extrude fluropolymer materials, which have superior qualities and resistance to fuel blends, UV, heat and chemicals. The six-layer can also handle non-fluropolymers and adhesives that work well when combined in thin layers (.02 mm or less) with new head/die tubing end products. With the design of the six-layer by Guill, all inner layers are totally encapsulated to avoid any possible contamination of the tubing itself.

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