New Patent-Pending MicroAdjust™ Now Available On Guill Medical Tooling Series

Guill’s extrusion tooling for medical/OEM manufacturers now has new benefits with Guill’s latest MicroAdjust technology. The patent-pending MicroAdjust mechanism can be added to the Series 712 and 812 upon request.

The unique patent-pending MicroAdjust mechanism assists users in substantially reducing any operator error that may occur when adjusting bolts for the die when extruding extremely sensitive, thin-walled medical tubing. With the MicroAdjust, movement is 1/7th of that compared to a conventional concentricity bolt, which ensures less risk of over-adjusting. In addition, the number of concentricity bolts is reduced from four to two, and there are no more opposing concentricity bolts that require backing off prior to adjusting the die.

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